America Needs TalANT Logo

America Needs Talent Logo

America Needs Talent is a reality television series that is featured in the episode "america needs talANT". It is a parody of the American reality show, America's Got Talent.



  • Chyna Parks sings Beautiful - Final 4 (finalist)
  • Lexi Reed sings Sweet as a Sprinkle - Final 4 (finalist)
  • Gibson (as The Great Panini) perfoming magic tricks - Final 4 (winner)



Where to Audition

The America Needs Talent auditions took place in big cities such as San Francisco and Seattle.


  • The acronym for America Needs Talent spells ANT, which is coincidentally the acronym for the A.N.T. Program and the A.N.T. Farm.
  • It is a parody of the show America's Got Talent

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