Song by China Anne McClain
Released: You're the One That I WANT
Venue: A.N.T. Farm
Previous: "Christmas Songs"
Next: "Jay to the Zeus"

Aphrostopolis is a short song in the episode You're the One That I WANT. It is performed by Chyna when she wants Olive to add more changes to the Ancient Greece play that she came up with.


I'm miss foxy Aphrodite goddess of soul. I'm here to do a little show for the Apollo's. Mr. Apollo, Mrs. Apollo, enjoy the show - 

Going to b-b-boogey down,
There's no st-st-stopping us,
There's a party go-go-going on,
In the disco Afro-ro-ro-rostopolis!


  • Chyna sang this song because she wanted to add music to the play that Olive came up with.
  • The song name is alike to a Greek name given to two cities, Aphroditopolis.
  • Chyna sang this song right before she sang, Jay to the Zeus, another song that she wanted Olive to add to the play.
  • Chyna wore a really big afro wig while she sang this song.
  • This is the third rap in the show.