"As a Friend"
Song by China Anne McClain
Released: SignificANT Other
Length: 1:00
Previous: "I Propose"
Next: "Date Me"

As a Friend is a song that was written and performed by Chyna for Fletcher at his cousin's wedding in the episode SignificANT Other. This song was to tell him that they should just be friends.


I really need you Fletcher,
Like a patient needs a stretcher.
(As a friend)

So many things you seen me through,
That really awful stomach flu.
(As a friend)

You'd showed me art that was abstract,
You brought me sushi and we snacked.
(As a friend)

The day you help me fix my phone,
my weird obsession with hambone.
(As a friend)

So please don't tell me that we're through

I want to be always with you

(As a friend)


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