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  • KataraFan

    I'm back!!!

    July 1, 2013 by KataraFan

    Hey guys, it's KataraFan! I feel the need to say that because I've been gone for so long and I'm not sure if any of you even remember me. Lol. For those of you who do not know, I'm an admin on this wiki and many other Disney/Nick wikis. I became inactive and went on a long hiatus back in November. I was really trying to focus on school, taking SAT's and a bunch of other high school responsibilities. I apologize to the fellow admins for not giving any real notice and basically just disappearing. I had planned to come back sooner, but I just didn't seem to have time. I know a lot of things may have changed and I've missed a lot, so it may take me a while to get back into things, but I'm excited to be back and I can't wait to begin working with all of you…
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  • Berserker Eric

    I've noticed that users have been adding birthdates to characters' articles. Please either link to a reliable source if you do this, or add when and where in a particular episode where the character's birthdate is revealed.

    (for example: Stated by Olive in "independANTs" at the 15:34 mark). 

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  • Berserker Eric

    Spotlights are "advertisements" that appear on other Wikia wikis that link back to . They typically run for two weeks or so, and usually bring in many new editors. This is great since Season 3 is under way! We will also need our admins to be more active for this additional activity.

    We had a spotlight last year, but we quickly lost those new editors over the winter and spring of this year. I intend to keep them this time.

    My challenge to everyone: Do you have any other ideas as to how to bring in new users (in addition to the Spotlight)? Brainstorm, and share your ideas here!

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  • Berserker Eric

    Category Cleanup

    April 23, 2013 by Berserker Eric

    Guys, we need to get rid of useless categories. Such as "Friends of Chyna" or "Friends of Angus", etc. Every character in the show are pretty much friends (with the exception of Skidmore and possibly Lexi).

    Or categories such as "Episodes with Lexi". These are pretty useless, and should be removed.

    We need an organized category structure with categories that are useful.

    Tip: If the category is in red (meaning it doesn't exist), there's a very good chance we don't need it. Remove it.

    Let's get to work!

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  • Berserker Eric

    In light of recent events, I think we should revisit this subject. I've seen various users comment that they don't like to come here because of the vandalism and the explicitly inappropriate comments — most of which come from IP accounts. Wikis such as iCarly Wiki and Victorious Wiki had anon editing disabled for this very reason. So here is your chance to have your voice heard.

    Polls are closed. Please do not vote.

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  • Berserker Eric

    Episode Titles

    April 3, 2013 by Berserker Eric

    I have recently discovered that episode titles are actually all in lowercase except for the word "ANT". I'm in the process of moving these pages to their proper case. I've also added a template that will make the first letter of the title appear in lowercase.

    In the meantime, I need all the help I can get replacing links in every article, including the episode guides and navbox. Do I have any volunteers? Thanks in advance. :)

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  • Berserker Eric

    Let me introduce myself. I'm Confession0791, your newest administrator! I will work hard to organize this wiki, and keep it vandal-free.

    Yesterday, Evanf disabled article commenting indefinitely. We've had too many vandals posting XXX-rated comments on pages, and not enough active administrators to delete them and block the vandals. We simply cannot have those kind of comments on a wiki about a kids' show. The bureaucrats will decide if and when commenting will be re-enabled. Until then, vandals will be blocked, and their edits reverted.

    So, I look forward to working with you all, and let's make this wiki even better!

    EDIT: I have activated the new forums for general discussion, and remember, we still have blogs. :)

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  • KataraFan

    Hello everyone. I have recently created the A.N.T. Farm Answers Wiki. If click on the link it will take you to an A.N.T. Farm questions and answers site, supported by Wikia. The wiki's main goal is to help users ask and answer any questions about A.N.T. Farm. So what are you waiting for? Go there now and ask away!!! :)
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  • KataraFan

    Hey guys! You've probably seen commercials for a new Disney show, Austin & Ally. If you still haven't visited the Austin & Ally Wiki, then be sure to check it out! The show is really great and we would love to have all of you over there editing! Have a great day :)

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  • Evanf

    Updates and New Wikis

    October 31, 2011 by Evanf

    Hi all. Here are some updates, and some new wikis you might want to edit and join.


    We are leaving Wikia because of their updates, if you have any ideas where to move, ask an administrator.

    We are now doing different themes! Hope you like them!

    New Wikis

    Once Upon a Time Wiki - A new way to tell fairy tales. Join Now, we would love to have you.

    Madison High Wiki - High School Musical Continued. Come on, join us, and sing!

    Austin & Ally Wiki - Musical Pros. Join our band now!

    Jessie Wiki - A new nanny is in town. Original Series by Disney Channel. You can join us today!

    That concludes updates. Contact an admin now if you need any help.

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