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Cameron Parks
Full Name

Cameron Oswald Parks





Resides in

San Francisco, CA



Eye Color


Hair Color



Roxanne (mother)
Darryl (father)
Chyna (younger sister)


Vanessa (ex-girlfriend)
Lexi (possible crush)
Paisley Houndstooth (possible crush)


Taffy, Envelope, Angus, Legan, Fletcher, Paisley, Lexi


Chyna because she is taller




Webster High School

  • Grade:11

End Hunger Today Club

First Episode


Last Episode

"feature presANTation"

Portrayed By

Carlon Jeffery

I'm doing my paper on mom. At least she feeds me.
— Cameron to his dad in The ReplacemANT.

Cameron Oswald Parks is Chyna's older, though shorter, brother. He tries to avoid Chyna and the other A.N.T.s due to their younger age and because he's afraid they will spill out his biggest secrets or ruin the little good reputation he has. He is jealous of how much taller she is than him, and she often towers over him to brag. Even though he's older, he spends a lot of time in her shadow. While she’s a prodigy, he’s not especially gifted at anything. However, he is determined to find something in which he excels at (Other than being famous; which occurred when his video "Cameron Parks: Space Cadet" went viral, or maybe even movie making). In season 3 he has an excellent talent as a filmmaker. Cameron Parks will no longer be a season regular in Season 3, but make a guest appearance in a later episode. Cameron is portrayed by Carlon Jeffery.


He’s not thrilled that his talented sister is at his school, so he tries to keep his distance. But, when push comes to shove, Cameron will step up to help her. Though more often than not, she comes to his rescue. Chyna and her friends, Oliver, Angus and Fletcher, constantly embarrass him in front of the other high school students. For example, Olive showed his blanket (called blankie) to the big kids and covers him with glitter. He does, though, stick up for Chyna where it counts, such as standing up to Lexi. Cameron is also kind of suspicious about Fletcher around Chyna. He is very interested in girls and considers himself a ladies' man, often flirting with girls. He opened a club called the "End Hunger Today Club" which only consists of he and Fletcher. Instead of ending world hunger, he uses school funds and donations to buy Fletcher and himself buffalo wings. He validates his greediness by saying that if he helps just one person, he's making a difference. He is also Olive's locker neighbor, much to his annoyance and irritation. Fletcher, Angus and Cameron have a sort of friendship since they do a lot of stuff together. Cameron tries to fit in with the Ants because of Chyna.


In TransplANTed, he is upset that Chyna is going to his high school, although he later defends Chyna when Lexi says that Chyna was terrible and horrible. He tells her that she was his sister and he was trying to hear her sing. Lexi was shocked that he stood up to her.

Cameron is always eating food. In ParticipANTs, he founded a fraud club for his personal gain and all he did was eat buffalo wings. In his baby pictures, he always had a bowl of spaghetti on his head in 2 scenes.

In the episode The PhANTom Locker he gets annoyed with Olive embarrassing him and tricks her into thinking that her locker is haunted. He later pretends to be a leprechaun ghost while doing the jerk to keep Olive away.

In SciANTs Fair, he and Lexi find Skidmore's cell phone and make some calls to stop teachers from giving homework/studying/etc.

In StudANT Council, he gets jealous of Fletcher hanging out with his dad too much and tries to bond.

In The InformANT, his dad gets him stuff from the evidence locker that he doesn't like.

In ReplicANT, he enters the Donkey King tournament against Olive and tries to stop her from winning.

In ClairvoyANT, he is dismayed when everyone but him receive Wacky Awards, so Chyna and Olive try to help him find his talent which he believes is psychic.

In ManagemANT, he accidently uploads a video of Chyna singing on the internet instead of his movies.

In PhilANThropy, he helps Lexi after she unfairly wins a beauty pageant so he dresses as an old man.

In IgnorANTs Is Bliss, he enters Gibson's dog show because he broke Chyna's ANT Pad trying playing on a boxing app.

In Slumber Party ANTics, he enlists Fletcher to draw a comic book with him.

In America Needs TalANT, he, along with Fletcher and his dad, wait in line at a popular food truck for 2 days.

In You're the One That I wANT, he learns that Gibson has been living at school and offers to rent out his family's living room for him.

In PerformANTs, he tries to get backstage at a Blood Butcher concert.

In Ballet DANTser, he takes Driver's Ed with Paisley taught by his dad.


Chyna Parks (sister)

He seems to be irritated that she moved into high school with him, he also thinks that it's not fair that she has a special talent and he doesn't. He also finds it unfair how much taller she is than him. He doesn't like this because he is older. However, he will stand up for her whenever push comes to shove (see Chameron).

Olive Doyle (friend)

He thinks she is extremely annoying, like in PhANTom Locker when she kept accidentally embarrassing him. She is also taller than him. (see Colive).

Fletcher Quimby (friend)

He is somewhat jealous because he has spent a lot of time with his dad, but otherwise, they are not seen together much, although they work on a comic book together in Slumber Party ANTics (see Flameron).

Lexi Reed (2011-2013; Friend/Crush)

They are somewhat friends. For example, they work together in sciANTs fair when they steal Principal Skidmore's phone (see Clexi).

Paisley Houndstooth (Kindergarden-2013; Good Friends/Possible Crush)

They are friends and are mostly seen together with Lexi (see Caisley). Paisley and Cameron repeated second grade together and shared a burp.

Vanessa LaFontaine (2012; ex-girlfriend)

Vanessa is Cameron's ex-girlfriend. They met in "FANTasy Girl" when she came to the school as new student "Jeanne Gossamer". They fell for each other in the course of the episode, dancing together by the end. It was revealed that the girl of his dreams is imaginary, leaving Cameron heartbroken. In "Modeling AssignmANT", Chyna tracks down
Jeanne, and her real name is revealed to be Vanessa LaFontaine. Chyna and Cameron tried to trick her into being with him while she was temporarily blinded. When she got her sight back, she was upset that he lied to her, but she liked him for who he was, beginning their relationship. In "ANTswers", Lexi convinced Cameron that she was an alien. It was also unveiled that he is in love with her, as he said he still loves her even though she's an alien. In the end, it was revealed that she is just from Canada, not an alien. In "The ANTagonist", Angus tells Cameron to keep her away from other guys because they all want Vanessa. He does so by being in girls-only clubs. In the end of the episode, she breaks up with him because she feels that a "guy like him" shouldn't be tied down to just one girl.


  • In PhANTom Locker, it is revealed that he has a blanket and used to have dolls.
  • In StudANT Council, Paisley hints that Cameron was very tall in kindergarten, to which he responds "I peaked early.", but Darryl says that when he was 10 he could fit in a bucket.
  • In SciANTs Fair, he mentions that his cell phone has rhinestones on it.
  • He is a good dancer as he can do the Robot and the Dougie, and other dances of hip-hop.
  • His middle name starts with an O, which is ironic because his initials would be COP, which is his father's job.
  • In America Needs TalANT, Darryl hints that Cameron barely finished 10th grade.
  • He's good at making movies, making it his real talent.
  • He once did homework for a 1st grader for $5.
  • He appears to be the only one in the school to not have gotten a "Wacky Award".
  • He can do 2 things, promise things he can't deliver and get backstage passes.
  • His locker has lots of clothes and accessories as seen here .
  • Chyna is taller than him, even if she's 4 years younger.
  • In IntelligANT, he is practicing curling for the Olympics.
  • His middle name is Oswald.
  • He believes everything he sees or hears.
  • He is considered " unpopular"
  • Chyna rejected his Wolf pack request.
  • He is absent for eight episodes.
  • He wasn't in Season 3, but he is mentioned once in TrANTsferred. He came to Z-Tech in the episode feature presANTation.

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