The friendship between {Chyna}, {Angus}, {Fletcher} and {Olive}. Chyna is introduced to Angus, and Fletcher and Olive introduce themselves to her. In the beginning of the series, Angus likes Olive and Fletcher likes Chyna. In {PerformANTs}, they're in the Happy Fuzzy Friends band together, and worked to set everything up (website,costumes,song sample). In{ Some EnchANTed Evening, they ( along with {Ella } and Jared) go out for pizza. In PatANT pending they work on a backpack project together The girls room together at ZTech and so do the boys The four worked together to save Fletcher's painting (FradulANT).In cANTonese style cuisine, Fletcher, Olive and Angus help Chyna retrieve Madam Googoo's phone number. In Ballet DANTser, the four are the only ones outside of the panic room when Violet enters the room and are the first to interact with her.

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