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Chyna Parks and Angus Chestnut


Best Friends/Acquaintances

Start of relationship


Ship Rivals

Angive and Flyna

Changus is the platonic/romantic pairing of Angus Chestnut and Chyna Parks.

Additional Names for the Pairing

  • Ayna (A/ngus and Ch/yna)
  • Anya (Angus and Chy/n/a)
  • Chynus (Chyn/a and Ang/us)
  • Cangus (C/hyna and Angus)
  • Angna (Ang/us and Chy/na)

Changus Moments

Season 1


  • Chyna went over to Angus' desk.
  • Angus tries to reassure Chyna that she was winning the game on his computer desk, when really he was panicking because she activated a missle launch.


  • Chyna cheers for Angus to hack into the CIA classified database. But Angus gives her a look of annoyance.
  • Angus gives Chyna an ANT Pad from his desk to communicate with Olive after losing her voice.

StudANT Council

  • Angus reveals to Chyna what Olive did to get Chyna to run for A.N.T. Representative instead of herself because Skidmore would make Olive ANT rep.
  • Angus changes Chyna's sentences to say, "I love Angus. Angus is cool!" Possibly meaning he wants to hear her say that she loves him.

PhANTom Locker

  • Angus hesitates before he circles no on Chyna's letter. Maybe it was because he still has to think about liking Chyna or Olive.
  • Chyna is offended when Angus says he doesn't like her.
  • Chyna doesn't stop and tell Angus that the note wasn't for him. She probably didn't want to hurt his feelings or she wanted to know what Angus thought of her.

Bad RomANTs


  • Chyna tells Angus not to show the video of Cameron in which he doesn't at first but then he plays it in the school's screen instead.

CANTonese Style Cuisine

IgnorANTs Is Bliss

  • Chyna said that Angus would do anything for her because she saw him trying to eat a flamingo.
  • Angus helped with Chyna's ANTpad, asking her if she backed up her speech.
  • When Angus was about to kiss Olive, Chyna immediately stopped him.


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