Claire Engler
Full Name

Claire Engler


Claire Bear (by Stefanie)



Date of Birth

January 18, 2001 (age 15)



Eye Color

Chocolate Brown

Hair Color

Chocolate Brown






Claire Engler is an American actress who portrays Violet in A.N.T. Farm. She was born on January 18, 2001 (age 15).


Child actress Claire Engler became interested in acting when she was 5 years old, prompting her parents to enroll her in monthly weekend acting seminars held by talent managers and agents who said that she had impressive natural acting skills for her age. She soon landed a role in a TV commercial that ran for several months in the middle Tennessee market. Between auditions for Los Angeles-based productions, she landed roles in three movies produced in Nashville. In one, she was cast in the lead role in a short film submitted to various film festivals. She also appeared in the indie film "10 Seconds" and landed the series regular role of Emily in the ABC sitcom, Other People's Kids. You can contact her at  the website,! Claire guest starred at other Disney Channel series, Austin and Ally in season 4. She played Dylan. It is not clear yet if she will be a recurring cast member in the other episodes.

Violet and Olive

Sierra and Claire


  • Claire is a huge fan of the Hunger Games.
  • She loves singing and acting.
  • Claire is the youngest (and smallest) person in the A.N.T Farm cast.


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