"Detention Blues"
Detention Blues
Chyna singing in her first detention
Song by China Anne McClain
Venue: The ReplacemANT
Genre(s): Blues
Length: 0:36; 0:31
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Next: "Calling All The Monsters"

Detention Blues is a blues song that Chyna Parks performs with her harmonica, during both lunch detentions that she had to serve in the episode The ReplacemANT. This song is a parody of "Bad to the Bone".

Detention Blues

Detention Blues Lyrics:

Version 1:

It's 4 o'clock,
And I'm still stuck at school,
Olive done me wrong,
Man, that girl is cruel,
So I gave myself,
Some dry-erase tattoos,
Cause I got the meanest, baddest, low-down detention blues (kazoo)

Version 2:

Another day,
Start starin' at the clock,
I never should have put,
That glue in the lock,
That bear fought the principal,
That bear did lose,
Now I got the meanest, baddest, low-down detention blues (kazoo)


  • This song is only a minor song.

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