"Don't Play In the Knife Drawer"
Knife Drawer
Song by China Anne McClain and Sierra McCormick
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Don't Play in the Knife Drawer is another one of the short songs Chyna says that The Happy Fuzzy Friends sing in the episode "performANTs", which is performed by Chyna and Olive.


Chyna: If you play in the knife drawer,...
Chyna & Olive- Don't Play In The Knife Drawer (Lyrics)00:41

Chyna & Olive- Don't Play In The Knife Drawer (Lyrics)

Something bad will happen
Best way to explain,...
Is to do a little rapping

Olive: My mom warned me, but I didn't believe her,
When she told me not to play with a cleaver
Playing with knives is really pathetic,
You could end up needing a paramedic


  • This is the second time Olive raps in the series, the first time was Olive's Rap in StudANT Council.
  • Olive reveals for the 3rd time that she believes every rap should be punctuated by ending in "Holla"!
  • This was probably improv on Chyna' s part, because she sounded a little hesitant while she sang.

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