"Find Your Inner Ant"
Platform: Internet
Mode(s): Single player
Link: Click here
Next Game: Quiz

Find Your Inner Ant is one of the A.N.T. Farm games on the Disney Channel website.


You can choose from 11 different ANTpad skins to play with.


In this game you can play 12 different mini games, 3 from each character

  • Angus
    • Angus's Computer Bugs
    • Count the Amount
    • Crack the Code
  • Chyna
    • Eat the Beat
    • Chyna's Instrument Invasion
    • Chyna's Music Match
  • Olive
    • Memory Memory on the Wall
    • Olive's Colorful Memory
    • Olive's Numbers and Symbols
  • Fletcher
    • Fletcher's Art Mash-Up
    • Fletcher's Sculpture Challenge
    • Fletcher's Focus


The purpose of the game is by doing each character's activities, you will get your answer by the activity you scored the most point in.


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