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Folive Fanfictions are fanfics involving the pairing of Fletcher Quimby and Olive Doyle, or better known as Folive.

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Note: Certain fanfictions may be too mature for younger readers. Read at your own discretion!

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Folive Fanfictions:

  • Folive-Returns-Season-4-episode-1 by-Antfarmlover99 - When fletcher returns from New York to be back at Z-Tech and to resume dating Olive, he also helps Hudson get Chyna to go out with him. Will it work? Will it not? Find out!
  • Happy by Alien'sTheName - Olive finds out Fletcher and a certain musician have started dating. Olive learns to live with it or does she? And what happens when Olive and three friends end up getting sucked into a world they didn't know existed? What if everybody's true colors come out? Rated T
  • SummerTrain by alittledarkstreet - Fletcher never thought he could possibly like Olive, his dorky-know-it-all best friend. But what happens when he starts to have feelings for her? Rated T
  • Thanks for the help by always-been-here - Olive doesn't need anyone. Until she does need someone. Folive. 'nuff said. ONESHOT. Rated K+
  • Allgergies and OneSided Affections by AmeliaJGXo - In which Olive loves Fletcher, Fletcher loves Chyna, Chyna loves Angus' dog, and Angus is just going with it. Rated K+
  • Folive Forever! by ANTFarmFanatic - fletcher loves olive.. olive loves fletcher... but when olive tries to get fletcher to love her back of course she thinks that he doesnt will she go too far! way better than description, and is going 2 b wayy more than one chapter! Rated T
  • Cant Not Love You by ANTFarmFanatic - Sequel to Folive Forever!. Olive and Fletcher's relationship is blooming, but what can possibly break them apart? Drama, untrust, other people... will they survive? Rated T because I'm paranoid, and for some violence. Rated T
  • Folive Birthday by Busybee 123 - It's Olive's birthday. She expects a huge party with cake,gifts, and suprises. But get's nothing. Or so she thinks. Can Fletcher plan a suprise party for her before she finds out? Rated K+
  • Just-dANTs by ClarinetNinja1986 - Could teaching a dance class really mean that much to Olive and Fletcher? Rated K+
  • solANTaire by ClarinetNinja1986 - Fletcher plays solitaire with Olive and she tries to show him how to play better. Rated K
  • Cinderella Never Saw This One Coming by deactivation station - Olive lives a typical princess life with her evil stepmother and nasty stepsisters. Will her prince - Fletcher - be able to save her? Folive. Chyna/Olive Friendship. Rated K+
  • Talented Schooling by Booksy101 - What would happen if Olive, Fletcher, and Chyna all met up at a different Talent School. What if thirteen year in the future they were teaching talented kids? What will happen to their relationships? What will happen between the students? Rated K+
  • The Project by booksy101 - When Fletcher and Olive decide to work on their project together, what happens? What goes wrong? What is done right? Rated K+
  • Confusing Love by DallyIsMine - Olive likes Fletcher, but Fletcher loves Chyna. Or does he? Will one crazy mishap change everything? Rated K+
  • PersonalANTy Reboot by FashionRox669 - When Olive decides she's not good enough, she changes her whole personality. However, one big thing happens that not even new Olive would ever expect. Rated T
  • PlANTonic by FashionRox669 - When Fletcher fails at getting to Chyna again, Olive suggests he go out with someone else to make her jealous. Rated K+
  • You cANT Date Fletcher by FashionRox669 - When Fletcher finally works up the nerve to ask out Chyna, an unlikely someone cancels their date. Now Chyna must protect their identity and motive. Meanwhile, Lexi learns to walk in her new heels. Rated K
  • The Apple Tree by GetCrazy - Olive is in love with Fletcher, but he can't stop thinking about Chyna. What will a bunch of tears, rainy weather, and complaints about apple tree saying do about it? More than you think. Set four years in the future. Rated T
  • When Dreams Become a Reality by GetCrazy - "But do you think you could ever love me?" Written in drabble form, now rated T because I'm paranoid. Set four years into the future. Rated T
  • pregANTcy by Gothic-Emo-Bunny - *Complete, needs edit* Olive's a genius, everyone knows that. But what happens when one mistake leads to something..Well..Let's just say no one would have expected this from the the Intelligence Queen. Rated T
  • songific central by Hazel Daughter of Pluto - used to be "you belong with me". send in requests for songs! Rated K+
  • Stolen by HeatherCullen - Olive Doyle is heartbroken. Overshadowed by her best friend, comforted by a friend who can't seem to take a hint, and in love with a boy she knows she can never have, all Olive wants is to be happy. Folive, Flyna, Clexi, Anglive. Rated T
  • My ConfidAnt by ibeatthebeat - When Chyna has to break Fletcher heart who will comfort him? Read to find out more contains bitter Flyna and comforting Folive consider this whichever one though. Rated K
  • Down Since Forever by iiloveyouhhx3 - Fletcher and Olive Go on a trip with the parents to New York. Whats going to happen when these two are starting to realize that they may just have feelings for eachother? Rated T
  • ANTi Abuse Fund by Kalik's Eternal - The A.N.T.s are "raising money for charity," but some of them know more than others. Rated K+
  • He Had To Know by KellyCatLover216 - "I didn't care if it might destroy our friendship... He had to know... I couldn't stand being JUST friends with him anymore" One chapter. Flolive. All in Olive's POV. Rated T
  • Naturally Lovely by Kristiney - When Olive and Fletcher get stuck as camping partners, will they get closer, or will someone do anything to make that not happen? Rated T
  • Puppy Love by LighterThenWhite - Olive likes Fletcher.. And I mean Like-Like.. Might sound sad at the beginning but it gets better at the end.. Rated K
  • A Friend by Lizzp719 - Olive's thoughts one night. One shot. Rated K
  • Art Lessons Singing and Dancing by Lizzy719 - Folive One-shot, could be considered a song-fic? Rated K
  • Nice Time by Lizzp719 - Set after "InformANTs" Olive and Fletcher one shot. Rated K
  • Significant Other Part 2 by Maximan - Olive figures out that Fletcher asked Chyna out and she gets super mad.Things change between Fletcher and Olive now that Chyna just wants two be friends with him. Part two of the episode SignificANT Other. Rated K+
  • I just didnt realise by misspicklehatesbroccoli - "But I'm no Chyna right?" she interrupted me, "I'm not beautiful or sexy, I can't sing or play guitar. I'm just damn boring Olive Doyle, the girl who answers questions that no one's asking!" Rated T
  • You Are Beautiful by misspicklehatesbroccoli - FLetcher askes Olive if he can paint her. Will this lead to Folivey LURVE? Rated K+
  • something? by moonfan4ever - i couldnt come up with a name, any ways be nice read it please! Rated K+
  • cANTamos by mu6theanswer - Cantar is the Spanish word for "to sing." And that's exactly what Olive and Fletcher are about to do. Folive! Rated K
  • Folive Folife by mu6theanswer - Join Olive and Fletcher in an epic romantic endeavor! FOLIVE! Rated K+
  • The Past and Present of Olive and Fletcher by MySeaSaltIceCream - See Olive and Fletcher in past and present while their relationship progresses throughout the story! Rated K+
  • Out of Reach by October 103 - Four years of having to watch Fletcher chase after Chyna. It's killing Olive, but she's worked too hard to keep her secret. It can't come out now. One-shot, Rated K
  • The Oportune Moment by October103 - He was such an impossible thing to wish for. Even if she loved him, it wasn't practical for him to feel the same. Will Olive get what she's always wished for? One-shot, Folive. Rated T
  • Secrets Are Meant to Stay Secrets by One-directi0n-is-perfecti0n-xx - "It was simple why I didn't tell them. Secrets are meant to stay secrets..."- Folive Rated T
  • Thanks for Spilling Paint All Over Me Fletcher by One-directi0n-is-perfecti0n-xx - "Spilling paint on her wasn't part of his plan, but maybe it was for the better. Hm..." Rated T
  • Olives Story by Pottergirl1 - Even though she acts brave at school, Olive's home life isn't so great. Follow her through abuse, forgiving, and even love. Eventual Folive. Rated T
  • Someone is coming by Pugluver64 - Okay I'm changing it a little.: A little Quimby is joining the world! K+
  • The Olive and Fletcher Story by purplebluegirl - this the story of Olive and Fletcher enough said Rated T
  • ANT Queen by Quibbler Queen - Chyna wants to be A.N.T Queen but She'll go to exteremes to get it including Fletcher how will Olive feel? Rated T
  • Does true love exist? by scared of the moonlight - She's never felt this way before / OliveFletcher. Rated K+
  • i love you by - scared of the moonlight - It could effect their friendship / OliveFletcher. Rated K+
  • young love by scared of the moonlight - He'd never like her back even if she wished / OliveFletcher. Rated K+
  • Under All The Stress by - Olive has been acting strange lately. Can Fletcher figure out the reason why? Maybe even fall for her in the progress? Rated T
  • Forever Haunted by - Olive's Fourteenth birthday is coming up and everything is going great so far. But what happens when an uninvited guest crashes the party? And why did Olive suddenly disappear when the party's over? Seqeul to Under All The Stress. Rated T
  • Oh Olive by Techygirl - Olive and Fletcher have an art project. Olive likes Fletcher. One-shot. Rated K
  • Fletchers Choice - by The Backseasters - It's their senior year and their going to do their last school play. Please just read it, it's our first fanfic and our summary-person is really not used to this. But i can bet you this story will be awesome. Rated K+
  • Big City Small ANT by thebestoftimes - Olive feels left out on a school trip to London, and soon goes missing! Fletcher realises that he is the only one who can find her. Let the wild goose chase around the big city of London commence! Rated K+
  • Too To Apologize by wAiTwHaT1221 - One-shot songfic to Apologize by OneRepublic. Rated T
  • That Night by XxawesomepopsiclesxX - Olive and Fletcher spend New Years Eve together. After that night, there feelings change! I am terrible at summaries! :D FLOLIVE! Rated T
  • Scandously In Love With You by xXgleekedoutgurlXx - Fletcher Quimby, a young gentleman in 1910 from England who is courting the lovely Miss Olivia Doyle but the aspiring musician, Chyna Parks, from America catches his eye and his heart instead.folive/flyna. Rated T
  • Missing You by x.CaliforniaGirl - It's Christmas day! However, Olive and Fletcher cannot seem to get into the "Christmas Spirit"...could it be because they are lovesick? A cute Holiday story. Rated K+
  • True Love by x.CaliforniaGirl - "You are so not getting anything for our six months anniversary." "You do realize that we're not actually dating, right?" ...Just a cute short story that came to mind. Rated K+
  • Bitemarks on My Heart by Yanna3000 - "Chyna, don't start…" I sigh as I try to walk out of the door. She stops me. "This is going to bite you in the ass." She hisses. I violently tear my arm from her grip and try to rub out the imprints her nails left. "It's already bitten me in the heart." Rated T
  • If He Only Knew by Paul Matthews When Olive finally becomes tired of hiding her feelings for Fletcher she decides to take action. Will Fletcher finally realize what's right in front of him? FOLIVE...with a surprise pairing as well ;)Rated T
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Boys by Tynka006- When Ally visits Olive, her cousin, she notices unsolved feelings between Olive and Fletcher. While in the process of this, Chyna also notices mixed feelings between Ally and Austin. Can Ally and Chyna fix everything before they leave? Folive/Auslly *discontinued* Rated K+
  • dANTsing with Myself by JNMA  Olive and Fletcher don't have dates and they have two days until the dance. Desperate times call for desperate measures when no one will go with either of them to avoid Angus and Violet. Chyna suggests they go together. Rated K
  • The Popular & The Nerd by Perfect Disasters Olive is the queen bee of Webster High. Fletcher is the nerd. What happens when these two are assigned as partners? Everyone thought populars and nerds were incompatible. But somehow, Fletcher & Olive made it work. Rated K+
  • by AwkwardGurl05 and aliqueen16 When Fletcher misses Z-Tech, who helps him make a decision? Which decision is it? Will he see the ANTs again? Will family be reunited when they go to an Art convention? Who will take their friendship to the next level? Cibby? Folive? Seddie? Spencer and Gibby's mom? And will Spencer once again light something on fire? Collab with aliqueen16.
  • by AwkwardGurl05 and aliqueen16 They survived Webster. They thrived at Z-Tech. But what's next? Will the five ANTs head in different ways? How will it be for stepsibs Fletcher and Lexi to be apart? And who is Lissie? Will she have to share Fletcher's heart with Olive? Collaboration with aliqueen 16.
  • by AwkwardGurl05 and aliqueen16 "This isn't another attempt to take down Vegas, because they know your faces now." But what exactly happened in Las Vegas with Fletcher and Olive? What will happen when they go back to Vegas during a field trip? Collaboration with aliqueen16.
  • by AwkwardGurl05 and cartoonlover187 What would happen if Olive was the new A.N.T. in the A.N.T. Farm instead of Chyna? An alternate version of A.N.T. Farm. featuring Lexi, Paisley, Fletcher, Gibson, Angus and more! Read to find out. A collab with Cartoonlover187.
  • by AwkwardGurl05 Fletcher and Olive share a tender moment after her breakup with Graham. My thoughts on what should have happened in this episode. "You don't need him."
  • by AwkwardGurl05 "But you can't leave Chyna!" "Yeah, you can't leave Chyna, then I'll be stuck with stupid!"
  • by AwkwardGurl05 "It wasn't it was probably one of the nicest Thanksgiving's I've ever had."

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