Gibson and Sophie



Gophie (G/ibson and S/ophie) is the romantic pairing of Gibson and Sophie. They've know each other for 25 years and they are currently dating. They date even though Sophie is in prision. It is unknown if Sophie will make a second apperance during the series, or that Gibson will mention her again.

Additional Names for the Pairing

  • Gophie (G/ibson and S/ophie)
  • Sibson (S/ophie and G/ibson)
  • Sobson (So/phie and Gi/bson)
  • Gibophie (Gib/son and S/ophie)
  • Gisonie (Gi/b/son and Soph/ie)

Gophie Moments

Season 1 Moments

Bad RomANTs

  • Gibson was still hung up on her after 25 years.
  • They were happy together when they reunited
  • Sophie carved a rose out of chocolate for Gibson.
  • They both hate strawberries.
  • They broke up when Gibson said he didn't want cooties.
  • Gibson said "she looks good in orange".

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