"I Propose"
I Propose
Song by Jake Short
Released: SignificANT Other
Venue: International House of Whatever
Length: 0:40 (On Show)
A.N.T. Farm chronology
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SignificANT other - Clip - A.N.T01:58

SignificANT other - Clip - A.N.T. Farm - Disney Channel Official

I Propose was written and performed by Fletcher, who sang it to Chyna in the restaurant during the episode SignificANT other to ask her to go as his date to his cousin's wedding. The lyrics are probably the way they are to trick the watcher to think Fletcher was going to ask Chyna to marry him.


When two people marry,
It's as sweet as a berry,
I propose,

Oh the dress you'll be wearing,
And they'll serve pickled herring,
I propose,

Do not put me in disposal,
Please accept my proposal,

It will rain raisin bread,
From a big dragon's head,

On the day of the wedding,
We can all go sledding,
I propose!

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