Warning: The following article contains content that may be inappropriate for children and younger readers. It is an article with allusions to adult jokes that are observed throughout the show. This is material that has been speculated on by the fanbase, not the creators themselves. Discretion is advised.

A.N.T. Farm may have some innuendos and ambiguous actions or quotes, even though the series is targeted to children, tweens, and young teenagers. Many Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows have hidden innuendos, possibly to attract older teens and young adults.

An innuendo is an insinuation about a person or thing, typically of a derogatory or "mature" nature. It can be a remark, an action, or a question that works indirectly by alluding to its actual meaning. In other words, an innuendo is something that appears innocent, but is intended to have a hidden, possibly inappropriate meaning.

Innuendo in Episodes

Season 1:


  • Olive's way to make herself look older was to have yogurt as breasts.
  • "My yogurt's on the move!"- Olive

bad romANTs

  • Gibson said that he had a urinal cake.

america needs talANT

  • To distract the walrus, Chyna, Olive, Fletcher and Cameron dress themself as a female walrus in a sleeping bag. When Chyna, Olive and Fletcher all escape, Cameron couldn't get out and the walrus looked like it went on top of him. In the next scene Darryl asks if Cameron is ok and Cameron doesn't want to talk about it. This could hint that the walrus tried to rape him.


  • Fletcher said the only way to make an octopanda was to "get them together, put on some romantic music, and wait for nature to take it's course".

Season 2:


  • Fletcher started telling Sabastian a joke but Olive slaps him possibly because the joke was inappropriate.
  • When Angus was helping Lexi with her computer and, Angus only told Cameron a limited amount of what happened, it implied that they were having sex.

fANTasy girl

  • Cameron and Jean pose for a picture sexually.


  • Chyna said she got "rebuited" and she looks at her butt.

chANTs of a lifetime

  • "I feel cold hands, and that is not the backpack!" -Fletcher when everyone is surrounding him

early retiremANT

  • Chyna told Fletcher that the people at karate only gave him a white belt to keep his robe together.

Season 3

animal husbANTry

  • Chyna said that she should get two Puppenoala so they can shnuggle

past presANT and future

  • Olive asked old Chyna about doing adult stuff and said What's it like to... vote Ovbiously everyone expected Olive to ask Chyna about sex

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