"Jersey Style"
Jersey Style
Song by Stefanie Scott
Venue: America Needs Talent
Length: 0:15
A.N.T. Farm chronology
Previous: "Born This Day"
Next: "Beautiful"
<youtube width=250 height=155>l_wcbMyz2tQ</youtube>
Jersey Style is a song that Lexi Reed performed for her America Needs Talent audition in the episode "america needs talANT". Lexi got accepted when she first auditioned and was in the finals with Chyna. Lexi wrote this song to please the host, who is from New Jersey.


Yo! I'm killing it Jersey Style,
Give myself a mani-pedi with a nail file
I'm a Garden State hottie
Got a poof in my hair
I'm sweet like biscotti
Make the boys stop and stare
Yo! I'm killing it Jersey Style! Whooo!


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