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Lexi Reed and Paisley Houndstooth


Best Friends

Ship Rivals

Chexi, and Lolive

Laisley (L/exi and P/aisley) is the friendship pairing between Lexi Reed and Paisley Houndstooth. They are best friends. Along other lines, Lexi seems to control Paisley at times. This ship mainly rivals Chexi (Ch/yna and L/exi) and Lolive (L/exi and Olive).

Additional Names for the Pairing

  • Pexi (P/aisley and L/exi)
  • Paxi (Pa/isley and Le/xi)
  • Lesley (Le/xi and Pai/sley)
  • Leisley (Le/xi and Pa/isley)
  • Paiexi (Pai/sley and L/exi)

Laisley Moments

Season 1 Moments




  • Paisley helps Lexi recruit new members for cheerleading.
  • Paisley helps with the cheerleader tryouts.
  • When Paisley was turned around during the cheer Lexi helped her.
  • When Paisley got hit in the nose by Chyna on accident, Lexi helped her.
  • Lexi looked very concerned when Paisley's nose was hit.

StudANT Council

  • Paisley helped Lexi with admissions to the dance.

Bad RomANTs



  • Paisley got cucumber for Lexi after she asked her to get one.


  • Both of the girls audtioned for the next birthday party for kids.
  • Paisley made a ballon helicopter and yelled for Lexi to grab it after she fell into the kiddie pool.
  • Paisley rose her hand to vote for Lexi to be at the next kids birthday party.
  • Lexi felt as if all of the children liked Paisley better.

CANTonese Style Cuisine

  • Paisley helped Lexi figure out why she didn't get invited to a cheerleader's birthday party.
Slumber Party Antics

Slumber Party ANTics

  • Paisley has been invited to Lexi's party.


America Needs TalANT

  • Paisley shared a room with Lexi.
  • Lexi said she needs to use Paisley's suitcases for her trip to L.A.
  • Paisley helps to find Lexi's suitcase of makeup.
  • Paisley was the only one who clapped for Lexi at the end of her performance.
  • Lexi only told Paisley about her plan to steal Chyna's song.
  • Paisley lends her suitcase to Lexi.

SANTa's Little Helpers

  • They wrap presents together.
  • They later worked as Santa and an Elf.

Some EnchANTed Evening

  • Paisley said "Shut up Paisley" for Lexi.

"Hope infection sets in. Aw, that's so like you. Full of hope!


  • Lexi gets jealous when Paisley gets all the attention.
  • Lexi signs Paisley's cast.

Photo Gallery

To view the Laisley gallery, click here.

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