ManagemANT 12
Cameron performing Lunchtime
Song by China Anne McClain and Carlon Jeffery
Venue: Webster High School
Length: 0:45
A.N.T. Farm chronology
Previous: "Unstoppable"
Next: "Detention Blues"

Lunchtime is a pop song that the infamous recording producer, Hippo, wrote (in his bathtub) in the episode, ManagemANT, for Chyna Parks to sing in her debut album and demo, hoping to win a Grammy. When Chyna didn't want to perform it, Cameron Parks "impersonated" her voice and tried to sing the song for Hippo.


Eleven fifty-eight and I'm looking at the clock
Stomach's growling like a zombie peacock
But now it's Lunchtime, Lunchtime
Can't wait for lunchtime
Lunch can be brown, lunch can be yella
I hope I don't get salmonella
It's the meal that comes between brunch and linner.

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