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Madame Goo Goo




Eye Color


Hair Color



Chyna (friend)

First Episode

cANTonese Style Cuisine

Portrayed By

Zibby Allen

Madame Goo Goo is Chyna's favorite singer. She was first seen in cANTonese Style Cuisine.

She is portrayed by Zibby Allen and is an obvious spoof of Lady Gaga. A gag is that every time she enters a room, her outfit changes. In the climax of cANTonese style cuisine, she was seen performing her song (a parody of Rihanna's song "A Girl Like Me") with Chyna Parks.



CANTonese style cuisine

  • Ping-Pong outfit
  • Lobster outfit
  • Solar System outfit
  • Peacock outfit
  • Underwater outfit
  • Teddy bear outfit
  • Birthday cake outfit
  • Mermaid Outfit
  • Butterfly Outfit
  • Shark Outfit
  • Present Outfit

Uncanny resemblANTs

  • Clothing Rack Outfit
  • Stoplights Outfit
  • Rug Outfit
  • Stomach X-Ray Outfit
  • Can of Soup Outfi
  • Pyramid Outfit
  • Disappearing Box Outfit
  • Magic Hat Outfit
  • Folding Outfit


  • Zibby Allen, the actress who portrayed Madame Goo Goo, also portrayed Winter Maddox in many season 3 episodes of A.N.T. Farm. This interesting fact was explored in the episode "Uncanny Resemblance" when Madame Goo Goo returns, and Chyna points out Winter looks a lot like her.
  • Madame Goo Goo is an obvious parody of Lady Gaga, though Lady Gaga has been mentioned in other episodes.  Thus, both people exist in the same universe.
  • Her real name is Chrysanthemum Turtleneck.


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