Nigel Windsor
Full Name

Nigel Kelly Brighton-Windsor


Ni, Brighton, Windsor



Date of Birth

August 16, 1999

Resides in

London, England



Eye Color


Hair Color



Samantha Windsor (mother)

Pearson Windsor (father)

Rachel Windsor (sister)

Daniel Windsor (brother)

Holly Windsor (Grandmother)

Yusef Windsor (Grandfather)

Jolly West (Aunt)

Abli West (Uncle)


Chyna Parks (crush; 2011-Present)


Chyna Parks (Current crush)

Olive Doyle

Angus Chestnut



Fletcher Quimby




Webster High School (Former)

St Ridge High School (Current)

First Episode


Last Episode


Portrayed By

Noah Alexander Gerry

Nigel Kelly Brighton-Windsor is a fictional and minor character on A.N.T. Farm and Chyna Parks love interest. He made his first appearance on episode, ReplicANT and his last in the same episode. He and China went on one date, making enemy, Fletcher Quimby jealous. Nigel is seen as a cute, caring boy who has a touch of the lady effect. Windsor also seems to like everyone knowing his crushes, making his friends being filled with envy. From his past, many can see he had never had any proper friends as his classmates thought of him as a nerd. In an cut scene, he tells China about his back-history and soon feels sorry for him. Nigel does not appear fully on the show, instead he appears on a tall computer, with people saying he is like a robot boy, which most people find interesting.

By Season 3 of ANT Farm, it is certain Nigel had went to boarding school, with not contacting Chyna anymore.


Before the Show

Nigel was born in London, England on August 16, 1999 in Operation Hospital, and was brought home by his mother, Samantha Windsor. A few years later, he started secondary school and mainly got interested in technology. He used to sign himself up for so many ICT clubs, he came home very late. Nigel started to be obsessed with computers, so his mum tried to send him to America (ANT Farm) to attend Webster High School, but unfortunately got attached to his room, which ended up him going via webcam. There he met China Parks (in the Show) and then they started a relationship.


Chyna Ann Parks (2011-Present; Crush, Girlfriend)

Chyna is the crush of Nigel. They started dating in episode, ReplicANT, (Season 1, Episode 8) and had builded a strong relationship. Of course, this made Chyna's former crush, Fletcher Quimby very angry and mainly jealous. Fortunately for Fletcher, Nigel had to leave the school after he was hacked. He still loves China and wants to be with her, but can't.

Fletcher Pumpernickel Quimby (2011-Present; Enemy)

Fletcher is not on good terms with Nigel, as Nigel took China on a date. Fletcher and Angus even tried to hack into his system.

Angus Chestnut (2011-Present; Friend)

Angus and Nigel are friends, despite Angus helping Fletcher (see above) to disable Nigel's system. Chestnut and Windsor are the same, because they love technology, and are attached to computers, PC's etc. He even thinks he recognizes Nigel from his childhood. After, managing to hack Nigel's computer system, Angus decides to be friends with him, but unfortunately, Nigel had to leave and couldn't be friends with him.

Gibson (2011-2012; Good Friend)

Gibson is a good friend of Nigel, as he took care of him in his first day at Webster High School. Before Nigel left, the young man got his phone number and they still keep in touch.

Olive Doyle (2011-Present; Friend)

Olive seemed to like Nigel on his first day, and wanted to learn more about him. Nigel even called her a 'friend', making her smile.

Physical Appearance

Nigel is portrayed as an smart and handsome boy who loves technology. He often wears blazers, vests ties etc, to impress other people. He is a opposite, to Chyna and Fletcher as they wear clothes that stand out as eccentric or crazy. Nigel also does try to add a few more things to his accessories.