Olive Doyle
Full Name

Olive Daphne Doyle


Brains (by everyone)
Ol-love (by Fletcher)



Date of Birth

January 6, 1999

Resides in

San Francisco,California (2011-2013)
Palo Alto, California (2013)



Eye Color


Hair Color





Fletcher Quimby (ex- boyfriend)
Angus Chestnut (admirer)
Dixon Ticonderoga (ex-boyfriend)
Graham (ex-boyfriend)


Chyna Parks
Fletcher Quimby
Angus Chestnut
Paisley Houndstooth
Kumiko Hashimoto


Lexi Reed




Webster High


A.N.T. Program, AntCO, Mensa

First Episode


Last Episode

"the new york experiANTs"

Portrayed By

Sierra McCormick

Sorry Fletcher but zazow always ends in 'OW'
— Olive to Fletcher in the new york experiANTs

Olive Daphne Doyle is the main deuteragonist of the Disney Channel Series "A.N.T. Farm. Olive has an eidetic memory, meaning she remembers everything from what she sees to what she reads. Olive is an awkward sidekick to Chyna. Olive can be an overthinker but Chyna always teaches her to calm down and all will be ok. Olive is an insensitive girl who uses her brain to help her friends. Olive is potrayed by Sierra McCormick.


Olive Doyle 3

Olive is a human computer who remembers everything. Olive is an awkward girl but as the series went on, she became more tough and confident and helps Chyna through everything. Olive is an insensitive sidekick. Sometimes she could be a know it all and self centered sometimes like Lexi. She loves her best friends.


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Chyna and Olive

Chyna Parks (best friend)

Olive was the first A.N.T. to talk to Chyna on her first day and instantly became best friends. Chyna will do anything to help Olive out, and Olive would do the same. On Season 3, they become roommates and get even more closer than in the past seasons. They get along with each other as they have only had fights in four episodes. (see Cholive).

Fletcher Quimby (best friend/ex-boyfriend/crush)

FOLIVE Hug highres2copy

Folive hug

Olive and Fletcher are best friends, but they often have quarrels and insult each other, in which Olive saying "I tease him because I love him" about Fletcher insinuating their love/hate relationship. Though many might think of Fletcher and Olive's friendship as on/off, they have been shown to care about each other all throughout the series. The two are also known as opposites. They have many differences that it seems impossible for them to work together. But for these two, they seem to make it work. They put their differences aside and help each other out. In unwANTed when Dixon dumped Olive for another girl, Fletcher comforted her and told her she was not alone and he was always be there for her. In the end of the episode, Fletcher kissed Olive on the cheek and they officially became a couple. They broke up in the series finale. (see: Folive).

Lexi Reed (frenemy)


Olive and Lexi do not appear to be very fond of each other. Lexi tends to use Olive a lot like when she turned in Olive's cheer as her report and when she tricks her into cleaning places so Lexi could earn money by telling her it's math. Also, she uses Olive by pretending to be nice to her just so she could get on the front cover of the school newspaper. Olive is scared of Lexi and respects her position in the school's hierarchy. Lexi is very friendly towards Olive so that she can get on the cover of the school paper. During this time, Olive seems to stand up to Lexi a bit more. (see Lolive).

Cameron Parks (Best Friend's Brother)

Olive and Cameron are locker neighbors. They've only appeared to be talking to each other when Chyna arrives, but it's possible they've encountered before that since they were still going to the same school. Cameron says he thinks Olive is annoying. However, Olive appears to like Cameron as a friend and has a very positive attitude towards him. (see Colive).
Angive Foreve

Angus and Olive

Angus Chestnut - (admirer/best friend)

Angus has a crush on Olive, yet she doesn't feel the same way. Angus seems very protective of Olive and tries to do whatever it takes for Olive to date him. An example of that is when Olive was flirting with Keith, Angus hit him with his wheelchair in ClairvoyANT. Angus also wrote a song for Olive called Date Me in the episode SignificANT Other. This backfires as Olive throws a soda in his eyes. (see: Angive).

Paisley Houndstooth (2011-present; Friend)

Olive and Paisley seem to be friends. Olive is worried when Paisley chokes on a meatball. Olive wants to interview Paisley for an article in the school paper. Paisley seems to like Olive, as she is very friendly towards her. They are partners on a game show in L.A in America Needs TalANT.They alao room togethwr. In the episode IntelligANT Olive seeks dumb lessons from Paisley, and tries to act just like her.

Dixon Ticonderoga (2013-2014; Ex-Boyfriend)


Starting in secret agANT, Dixon came to the A.N.T. School. Chyna and Lexi immediately like him, although at the end, Dixon chooses a surprising Olive. He claims that she is just his type. Then, in PANTs on fire, they are shown to still be together. Olive is seen asking him for a top-secret salad dressing, which he gives to her even though he specifically said it's dangerous. He seems to want to give her up for anything. In Product misplacemANT they were still dating because they were talking on the phone with each other. In the episode unwANTed, Dixon breaks up with Olive for another girl, leaving her upset. (see: Dilive).


  • Her name is probably a parody of Olive Oyl from the Popeye cartoons.
  • Factoids are actually facts that are not proven, or facts invented by the media (like tabloids or perhaps TV shows.
  • Her full name was revealed in replicANT.
  • It was mentioned in The PhANTom Locker that Olive is afraid of dust, ghosts, vampires, witches, zombies, leprechauns, giraffes, double-decker buses, balloons, curly fries, birthmarks, and disorganization. However, she isn't afraid of spiders. In StudANT Council, she says she is also scared of heights, mirrors, and balls. In ParticipANTs, she also says she's scared of cheerleaders, but this may be due to her fear of the older students.
  • In StudANT Council, she remembers what she wore for her 3rd birthday.
  • In ParticipANTs, she mentions that she is a feminist.
  • In SciANTs Fair, Olive states that she has gotten 67 straight A's in a row.
  • In SciANTs Fair it is shown she can speak Japanese. In CANTonese Style Cuisine, she shows she can also speak Chinese.
  • Her A.N.T. Pad cover formerly was a butterfly, but it was later shown to be a picture of a brain.
  • In Bad RomANTs, it was revealed that she is the photographer for the school newspaper.
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  • In ReplicANT, Olive's middle name is revealed to be Daphne.
  • In ReplicANT, she easily memorizes all of the Donkey King computer scripts.
  • In CANTonese Style Cuisine, she states that she remembers the day she was born.
  • Olive seems to love stuffed animals because she has a stuffed frog and a bunny bag.
  • She has amathophobia; a fear of dust.
  • Olive seems to like dressing up because she has been seen wearing many disguises. (See Running Gags)
  • In Slumber Party ANTics, Olive is shown to do unusual things in her sleep that involve impersonating a rooster, dancing to music, playing golf, etc.
  • In You're the One That I WANT, it is revealed that Olive's dream play is about an Austrian family stuck in an elevator; reminiscent to The Sound of Music. Her dream consisted only of her and Fletcher.
  • In Slumber Party ANTics, it was seen/referred that Olive is a terrible sleeper, as in she constantly moves around and destructs the peace in her sleep.
  • In Body of EvidANTs, it is revealed that Olive has a FlurBot named Hegel, her "loyal companion" since she was three.
  • In InfANT, it is revealed her parents made her enroll in the A.N.T Program.
  • In InfANT, it is revealed that she is the youngest member of Mensa.
  • Her locker is filled with books and hand-made items as shown here ..
  • In You're the One That I WANT it is revealed she thinks every rap should end in "Holla!". This can also be seen in StudANT Council, PerformANTs and IdANTity Crisis .
  • She was with Paisley in the game show, "The Brainy Bunch". They also roomed together.
  • Her catchphrases are "Interesting factoid..." and "What the heck!?"
  • In AmusemANT Park, we learn she had a treasured doll collection.
  • She was the one to save the musical by making "Grease" into "Greece".
  • In ScavANTger Hunt, it is revealed that she could speak 57 different languages.
  • Her Halloween counterpart, MutANT Olive, is evil as seen in MutANT Farm, MutANT Farm 2 and MutANT Farm 3
  • In ChANTs of a Lifetime, she and Fletcher miss Chyna a lot when she goes on tour with Trifecta.
  • She is a very good rapper as seen in PerformANTs, StudANT Council and SilANT Night
  • Olive has her own auto biography called "Olive Doyle: A Life" about her life. The other A.N.T.s find it boring.
  • In SignificANT Other it is revealed that her favorite president is John Quincy Adams.
  • In restaurANTeur, she falls for Graham, the new chef from IHOW.
  • She made a quilt to keep memories, as seen in InfluANTces.
  • She was mocking Gibson and Fletcher in TransplANTed and InfANT.
  • In IdANTity Crisis, Fletcher (in Olive's body), mentioned that her brain has full of interesting factoids and sticky notes everywhere due to her photographic memory, though this could have been made up by Chyna since this was revealed in a story.
  • Olive extremely dislikes people using incorrect grammar.
  • In ConfinemANT, we learned that she writes a school board blog called Board by Olive.
  • In TrANTsferred it is revealed that Olive is afraid of trees.
  • In secret agANT, she and Dixon start dating.
  • In pANTs on fire,she is still dating Dixon.
  • In pANTs on fire it is revealed to see she hates to be lied to.
  • She gets mad when someone says abbreviations wrong as seen in RestaurANTeur
  • In uncanny resemblANTs Professor Marcy McLaughlin, a famous mathematician determines that Olive's beauty score is much higher than Lexi's.
  • In SilANT Night its revealed her favorite holiday is national sarcasm day.
  • She loves demanding things.
  • She hates coconut shavings.
  • She was dating Fletcher Quimby from UnwANTed to The new york experiANTs.
  • In meANT to be?, it shows a bit of irony since Fletcher Quimby convinced Olive to sing Calling All The Monsters and considering that Olive was jealous and in other words a 'green eyed monster'.
  • She spoke the last words ever heard on A.N.T Farm which were, " Yeah! Mine! Holla!"
  • She is a rapper as she calls herself.
  • In You're the one that I wANT, she states that Greece is famous for the birth of philosophy, democracy, but most importantly, breaking plates.


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