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Season 2, Episode 20
Air Date

April 26, 2013


Kat Lombard & Amanda Steinhoff


Victor Gonzales

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"restaurANTeur" is the twentieth episode in Season 2 of ANT Farm. It first aired on April 26th, 2013.


A talented young chef named Graham starts working at IHOW and Olive is immediately smitten. The ANTs are thrilled that Olive likes him and they think they are perfect together until they discover that Graham has anger issues when he yells at Fletcher for putting salt on his food. So Chyna, Fletcher, and (to a lesser extend) Angus try to show Olive what a jerk he is. Meanwhile, when Lexi learns that some major pop stars got their start as singing waitresses, she asks Hippo if she can be a singing waitress at IHOW.



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Graham: Is that salt?! Did you hear me invite salt to the party?!
Fletcher: No, but Elvis Parsley said it was cool.

Graham: Oh, how dare you speak for Elvis Parsley! You don't know Elvis Parsley! Elvis Parsley is not your friend. Elvis Parsley is my friend!
Chyna: Take it easy. It's just a little salt.
Graham: A little salt? A little salt! Well, why don't we just add a little rat poison?

Hippo: That stuff doesn't work.

Graham: My, don't you look as pretty as a peach?
Olive: What kind of peach? A freestone peach, a clingstone peach, a stink blossom peach?

Graham: Obviously stink blossom.

Olive: Oh, you!

Fletcher: Oh man, that radish has kissed more girls than I have.

Olive: Come on, Graham. We're leaving.
Graham: Okay, lettuce get out of here.

Olive: (Laughs) "Lettuce get out of here." Priceless!
Chyna: That was my pun! You said you didn't get it!

Olive: It's all in the delivery!


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