Save Gibson

Save Gibson is a web-a-thon that Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher host in order to get Gibson back his job at the school after being fired due to budget cuts. It is featured in the episode, PhilANThropy.



Special guest star


  • Chyna playing Gibson's favorite song, "Old McDonald" on his favorite instrument, the Water Glasses.
  • Olive giving some famous Gibson quotes, meaning everything that she's ever heard him say since the day they met.
  • Olive pretending to be "acclaimed" Russian doctor, Dr. Himafraud (pronounced "Eema Fraaud")
  • Fletcher showing some of his artwork off.


  • To help save Gibson's job. When nobody began to care, it changed to help "cure" Gibson Fever a fake disease that the A.N.T.s came up with where the symptoms are having curly hair and a striped shirt like Gibson.

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