"Space Cadet"
Cameron Parks Space Cadet
Song by Carlon Jeffery
Released: ClairvoyANT
Venue: Webster High Cafeteria
Genre(s): Autotune
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Cameron Parks Space Cadet Song00:47

Cameron Parks Space Cadet Song

Space Cadet is a remix of Cameron Parks' speech that he made at a school board meeting: edited, filmed, and published by Angus Chestnut. It was played all over the school and got millions of views on the Internet.


Citizens of the world,
Tomorrow morning at half past noon,
An asteroid will strike the Earth, Earth (x2)
And the world will end in a flaming ball of fire
KABLAMO! K - K -KABLAMO! I'll be your Space Cadet. BLAST ME OFF! (x2)
I'm wearing a diaper and I'm ready to go (x2)
(explosion sound).

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