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  • ...that China Anne McClain is the first Disney star to sing non-Disney songs (Dynamite and Beautiful) on a show?
  • ...that Stefanie Scott is the only person who is on the right side of the theme song intro?
  • ...that in Hungary, A.N.T. Farm is called Little Geniuses?
  • ...that Paisley, Olive, Angus, and Chyna all have more than one meaning to their names?
  • ...that in France, A.N.T. Farm is called Section Genius?
  • ...that "Bonita" was used in Kickin It as the name for a biolab skeleton, the same name as Fletcher used to name the skeleton in SciANTs Fair?
  • ...that in the store Toxic Waste in the episode PerformANTs there is a poster for the band Tears of Blood, which was first seen in Wizards of Waverly Place?
  • ...that Sierra McCormick guest starred in three episodes of the Disney Channel Original Series Jessie, as Creepy Connie?
  • ...that Stefanie Scott and Carlon Jeffery collaborated on the song Pose on the soundtrack?
  • ...that A.N.T. Farm got picked up for a second season on November 30, 2011?
  • ...that Phill Lewis directed four episodes of A.N.T. Farm? (SciANTs Fair, PhilANTrophy, FraudulANT and The ReplacemANT)?
  • ... that China Anne McClain was also in Wizards of Waverly Place as Tina, who helped Alex defeat the Dark Angels?
  • ...that Paisley and Houndstooth are both names of different types of patterns?
  • ...that Stefanie Scott appeared in the Disney movie Frenemies?
  • ...that Sierra McCormick was one of the contestants of the game show: Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
  • ...that China Anne McClain and Sierra McCormick appeared on Hannah Montana as question-asking audience members in the episode "Welcome to the Bungle"?
  • ...that Stefanie Scott was originally supposed to portray Tinka on Shake It Up?
  • ...that Sierra McCormick was in Spooky Buddies?
  • ...Chyna has the same name as the actress who plays her, except spelled differently?
  • ...Jake Short knows and is friends with BTR member James Maslow?
  • ...A.N.T. (Advanced Natural Talents) originally stood for Appealing but Neglected Talents?
  • ...that Sierra McCormick played a little demon girl Lilith in The CW show Supernatural?
  • ...that Sierra McCormick and Mindy Sterling both starred in the movie The Dog Who Saved Christmas?
  • ...that Jake short was in 2 episodes of "Teens React" titled "Teens React To Salad Fingers (ft. Jake Short)" and "Teens React to Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong", as well as bonus footage to Salad Fingers?
  • ...that China Anne McClain sang a song with Nick Jonas called "Your Biggest Fan" that was on the show, Jonas L.A. and on the show's album?
  • ...that China Anne McClain plays the violin?
  • ...that China Anne McClain 's favorite color is purple?
  • ...that China Anne McClain and Sierra McCormick are good friends with JESSIE's Cameron Boyce?
  • ...that the character Dixon Ticonderoga is actually a pencil company's name?
  • ...that China Anne McClain is a fan of Chris Hemsworth?
  • ...that China Anne McClain will be starring in the DCOM: How To Build A Better Boy, along with Lab Rat's Kelli Berglund?
  • ...that Mindy Sterling (Principal Skidmore) was on iCarly?
  • ...that Jake Short is currently starring in a Disney XD Series called Mighty Med?
  • ...that China Anne McClain is obsessed with tomato juice?
  • ...that A.N.T Farm is ending after its 3rd Season?
  • ... China Anne McClain is working on an EP with her sisters that will be (Possibly) released on 2014
  • ... that the cast celebrate a special pyjama day on set?
  • ... That Piper Curda who plays Kumiko Hashimoto has her own disney series named I Didn't Do It.
  • ... China Anne McClain went to Houston with her sisters.
  • ...that Sierra McCormick is starring in a new horror film SKOH: Some Kind Of Hate, along with Teen Beach Movie's Grace Phipps?

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