The Happy Fuzzy Friends is the fake band that Olive told Chyna's mom, Roxanne, about so that she would let the A.N.T.s go to attend the concert in PerformANTs. However, Roxanne decides to tag along anyway with Chyna, Olive , Angus, and Fletcher. As a result, they put their heads together to make the band real, with Chyna writing songs and Angus creating the website. The A.N.T.s also get rid the the band that was originally scheduled to play at Toxic Wasteland, with Chyna even passing off the fans with cleavers as being fans of the fake song Don't Play in the Knife Drawer. Roxanne finally uncovers their scheme at the end of the concert, when the heads of the costumes fall off.



  • This band is mentioned in PerformANTs.
  • The Happy Fuzzy Friends have a fake website created by Angus.
  • The characters were created and drawn by Fletcher.
  • They are probably a parody of Happy Tree Friends.
  • Chyna wrote the songs for this fake band.
  • Olive thought of the band.

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