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===Roquel D


Wiki wiki wiki wiki! It sounds like a rap! My intro/info! Hey thats a Rhyme!

Hi! my name is Roquel Doylee and I am NOT lying about my last name. It's actually Doylee and that is another reason I love this show! I love love LOVE mexican food. I have blond hair.People usually say I have Steffanie scotts EYES but I dont think so and I dont know why. My B-day is obvious because it's up there in the info. I love the chat box, as you know i am the one who made people to finally go there,IIt's fun and fast. Although I dont like spamming like saying curses,which I never said on a chat box.and nonstop periods and leaving and coming back over and over and so on unless it's an accident. I stay friends with the people who are nice and reasonable. I dont like selfish, unfair people BUT mostly forgiven is given. I get excited easily trust me! Haha! My favorite show ever is PLL A.K.A. known as Pretty little liars. Ya wanna know why??? Because It is sooooo addicting I swear! When I first saw it, I thought it would be scary. I THOUGHT AGAIN! It's not scary at all! It's mysterious! I cant wait to see it again ;) I love Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Keegan Allen, Troian Bellisario. andIan Hardings. ARIANA GRANDE♡ Victoria Justice, JB, Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Zendaya Coleman, Sierra McCormic, China Anne McClain, Jake Short, Stefanie Scott, Leon Thomas |||, Matt Bennet, Avan, Liz Gillies, Rex (kinda xD) Demi Lovato, AND ARIANA GRANDE♡ AGAIN!!

Favorite Characters

1.Chyna Parks

My favorite cast member is
China McClain!

2.Olive Doyle

Olive Doyle 3
My favorite character is
Olive Doyle!

3.Fletcher Quimby

Fletcher Pumpernickel Quimby
My favorite character is
Fletcher Quimby!

4.Lexi Reed

Lexi Reed 3
My favorite character is
Lexi Reed!

5.Wacky the Wolf

WebsterWolf This user loves Wacky the Wolf!

Favorite songs by.....

  1. PUT HEARTS UP Ariana hips

  1. Beggin On Your Knees Beggin on your knees

  1. Best Friends Brother BFB

  1. All I Want Is Everything TORI

  1. I Want You Back IWYB

  1. Countdown
  2. Take A Hint
  3. Ariana Grande:Super Bass

Favorite Cast membersTumblr lw904xaOGy1r8o0wxo1 250 <<ARIANA'S FIRST


My favorite cast member is
Sierra McCormick!


My favorite cast member is
China McClain!


My favorite cast member is
Jake Short!


My favorite cast member is
Stefanie Scott!

Th yay

Ariana Grande! Funny,creative worthy.

My favorite cast member is
Carlon Jeffery!


I like all the



==Favorite Songs </font>


China Anne McClain Calling All The Monsters Album Cover Art My favorite song is Calling All The Monsters!

America Needs TalANT 1 My favorite song is Beautiful!

ManagemANT 17 My favorite song is Unstoppable!

Hey New Kid My favorite song is Hey, New Kid!

China Anne McClain Exceptional My favorite song is Exceptional!

China-anne-mcclain My favorite song is Dynamite!


Favorite episodes


My favorite episode is Some EnchANTed Evening!

MutANT Farm 19
My favorite episode is MutANT Farm!

America Needs TalANT
My favorite episode is America Needs TalANT!
America Needs TalANT Logo This user watches America Needs Talent!


Best Celeberties


PLL forever

Ashley Benson >>Ashley Benson

Shay Mitchell >>Shay M. gif

Lucy Hale >>Lucy Hale turn

Troian Belleriso >>Spencer pll

ARIANA GRANDE >>Ariana hips

Victoria Justice >>Victoria


Best Friends! <3


Livetosinger/ Alexis: Lex lex is awsome and nicel. And thats what I love about her! She's epic and great! And we both LUV Selena Gomez Ariana Grande, Skyscraper and so much more xD So she is fantastic! =)

Flynalover/ Taylor/ Tay tay: Tay tay is one of the first people I ever met in this wiki! She's nice smart and we BOTH luv Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez! Plus, Victorious, Jessie and alot of other shows! She's like my sister! We're twins!xD She is awsome! Epic girl!

FashionGal is the very first person I have evr met! She is so nice and super fashionable! She made my dreams of becomeing an admin come true! She is a saver!xD We chat most of the time! She is EPIC!

Prettybaby/ Anna/An An: She is my best friend and she is fun and really cool! She is someone whose SUPER funny! She always has my back and is very epic!! And a fan of JB! She's awsome and can never frowned to! xD

Fox Fox girl/kaitlyn: She is kinda my new best She is so nice and cool! xD She's so great I swear! You would love that girl and she is reeeaaallly pretty =)

Mimi1239/Michelle: Michelle is so nice and definatly calm! We chat when she's on and we have alot in common! She helps wit me alot of times! She is really great ;)

Imagood/ Rebecca: She loves Ariana Grande just like Tay tay! So she is awsome! She is so great! She can be a really cool and AWSOME person once you get to meet her!!!

Ultimate Echo Echo 10/Connor: He's awesome, nice and great! xD And he loves kitties just like me!

FlynaAndChakeLover/Celeste: She is soooooo nice for having nothing against Folive. She love friendships with people that has different interests and I LOVE that She is great! We're like twins too! We can share hate and sadness together! You'll love her!

Caisley4evr: I just met her and she made a lot of fun blogs and she's nice and great!


Selena Gomez


Another selena gifTumblr lx3myg9aJQ1r60vi2o4 250 SelenaSelena gifs



Ariana Grande



Ariana&#039;s what what

Ariana&#039;s popularMwa ariana


Pretty little liars






Aria&#039;s look

Aria and spencer

Aria smilingAria gifsAria and em




Hanna gifsHanna smileGigling friendsHannHannahomeHannah




EmilyEmily walkEmily2Emily smilePLL Emily smileEm PLL


Talking spenc xDSpencSpencer niceSpencer




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