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October 15, 2011
  • I live in in the land of where Leo Howard meets his true love and New York City♛
  • I was born on January 15
  • My occupation is is being a Peytonator, Olivian, Leonator, Leolivian, and a Little Liar.
  • I am a gymnast/cheerleader, shopaholic, performer, and a smartie xD

Introduction :)

Welcome! Enjoy!

Hi! I'm a fairly active, bureaucrat and head admin on this wiki! I am almost always on, usually just watching the wikia activty. Please contact me on my talk page if you need anything. You could also contact me mostly on the Austin & Ally wiki or the A.N.T. Farm wiki :) If there's one thing you need to know about us, is that we love fashion so much!

About Us :)

We are fashion loving, rich, popular chics named CiCi an
d Alyssa. We both share this account. We are 14 year old girls who have a thing for fashion. Our brothers really encourage us to spend more time on the Internet which means coming here more often and other wikis. Check out where we are!

Favorite Pairings

A.N.T. Farm

  • Flyna~ Fletcher and Chyna
  • Folive~ Flether and Olive
  • Faisley~ Fletcher and Paisley

Kickin' It

  • Kick~ Kim and Jack
  • Jace~ Jerry and Grace
  • Millie~ Milton and Julie

Shake it Up

  • GeCe~ Gunther and CeCe
  • Runther~ Rocky and Gunther
  • Tynka~ Ty and Tinka

Good Luck Charlie

  • Jabe~ Jo and Gabe


  • Tessie~ Tony and Jessie

Austin & Ally

  • Auslly~ Austin and Ally


  • Bori~ Beck and Tori
  • Bade~ Beck and Jade
  • Cabbie~ Cat and Robbie


  • Seddie~ Sam and Freddie
  • Creddie~ Carly and Freddie

Wiki Friends :)

  • Flyna4Eva-Celeste:A close friend, admins on several wikis with me
  • Caisley4Eva-Alexis:She's my newest friend. She's really nice.
  • SpyKidRowan-Rowan:She's my friend in real life! :)
  • Flynalover-Taylor:She's my friend, and we chat a lot.
  • Prettybaby-Anna:We chat a lot and she is EPIC!
  • Livetosinger-Alexis: She's a good friend and we chat a lot.
  • Cylover-Roquel: She's awesome and we chat a lot.
  • Fox,Fox, girl-Kaitlyn:We chat and she's REALLY nice.
  • Mimi1239-Michelle: She's a cool admin and we chat sometimes.
  • Emmabobeemers-Emma-She is a really good "tool" that solves our problems.
  • JessyPop-Jess: She's cool and we chat a lot.
  • Ilona:)-Anitsyn: She's totally amazing, try chatting with her.
  • TotallyLindsey-Lindsey: She's super amazing and loves VicTORIous!
  • HollyShadow17821- Holly: She is the best girl ever! Check out her fanfcis.
  • Feel free to add. I left out some but please fill in your name if you can!

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