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    Hiya!! (: I haven't wrote a blog since July and I was just looking on Tumblr and found the perfect gifs to describe my first day of skool! Ok, I may of skipped some events... But here are the main ones! Enjoy! :)

    Waking up:

    Seeing one of my friends (awkward convo xD)

    Seeing my crush:

    Taking a Photo:

    Don't see nobody that I know in my class (Omg, I'm so nervous!)

    Turn around and see my homie Crystal! :D

    Teacher starts talking: What da heck?! xD

    Time for nutriton: Yess! :DD

    See my haters...

    Nervous/Excited again.... (Omg, Whats my next class!?)

    Next Class.... (Yess!! I have the coolest teacher evaa!:D)

    Student talks back to the teacher....

    End of the day:


    Inner Me......

    Happy Friday Guise! Have a good one!


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  • Flyna4eva

    Heyy Guise. Celeste here. I was just looking back to the first blogs I made. And something hit me. It was a combination of happiness and sadness. I don't know why I feel this way, if we never actually met in person. It was a strange feeling but it also brought back wonderful memories. Like, the first time I entered Chat. I was nervous. I didn't really expect that much kindness from all of you. What can I say, amazing things happen in the least expected. Taylor (Flynalover) made me feel welcomed like that very moment. That day was a good day. Now, before I even made an account, I had a lot of problems at skool. It was awful. I guess that's why I joined. I was a Wikia Contributor and there was one special person who made me feel so much bett…

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    Wassup Guise! :) Hope you are enjoying your summer! Now here's another blog kinda similar to my two latest ones. But now just a little different and fun! You see, all you gotta do is comment the month of your birthday and you'll get one of these!

    Comment the month of your birthday C:
    •January~to be honest
    •February~ rate
    •March~ confession

    •April ~ admit (only one)

    •May~ short letter on your talk page
    •June~ what are you to me
    •July~ interesting fact
    •August~ we should
    •September~ best thing about our friendship
    •October~ 3 likes about you and 1 dislike (don't get offened tho)
    •November ~ best moment
    •December~best feature

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    Comment For:

    June 28, 2012 by Flyna4eva

    How Nice Are You ?

    [] ☆
    [] ☆☆
    [] ☆☆☆
    [] ☆☆☆☆
    [] ☆☆☆☆☆

    -You Can Be My ?
    [] You Tell Me ? (; [] I don't Know Yet, :)
    [] Girlfriend/ Boyfriend
    [] Texting Buddy
    [] Bestfriend
    [] Friend

    -If You Snuck In My Room I'd ;
    [] Watch Movies
    [] Tap That. ♥
    [] Let You Stay The Night.
    [] Cuddle. xD
    [] Chill :]
    [] Nothing.-___-
    [] Kick You Out!-

    -You Should ;
    [] Stop Being A Stranger !
    [] Text Me ♥
    [] Talk To Me
    [] Give Me Yo Number (If You Can)

    - Doing Some :)

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    Admits ?

    June 22, 2012 by Flyna4eva

    Comment for an Admit ? #100%honest

    Admits are admiting things that I wouldn't really say to you.

    I will also do rates, T.B.H. (to be honest), best feature, and many more ! :D later on right now only admits

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