Hey everybody from all of A.N.T. Farm! Welcome to the first ever A.N.T. Farm Awards! Flynalover (A.K.A Taylor) and I have thought of the idea of having users nominate other users of what they are describe best as. Everybody is allowed to vote and please do so!

I give all credit to Flynalover for making up the categories for this Award blog. Now its time to say the categories! Vote for....

  • Leader Editor
  • Most Dedicated Editor
  • Most Friendly Editor
  • Sillest Editor
  • Wise Editor
  • Hardest Worker
  • Best Admin
  • Best B-Crat
  • Best Editor
  • Best User
  • Best Chat Mod
  • Funniest
  • Loudest
  • Shyest
  • Best Commenter
  • Best Profile Picture
  • Neatest Profile
  • Best Flyna Lover
  • Best Folive Lover
  • Best Jierra Lover
  • Best Chake Lover
  • Best Choletcher Lover

And last but not least.....

  • Best A.N.T. Farm Lover

Please take your time to vote for a user on this wiki. How you vote is by commenting. You can vote by saying....

EXAMPLE: "I'd like to vote for (put the username you'd like to vote for) for (category you'd like to vote this user for).


  • You'd like to vote for this person because you think it fits them best.
  • You can only vote for one user for each category.
  • The votes will be counted and we will announce who won each category in a week from now (Sunday, March 11, 2012).
  • I will personally congratulate the winners by sending them a message on their talk page.

So send in your votes now! Remember everybody is a winner! :D

Now, the results are in. I hope everybody is satisficed with the winners! And the winners are......

  • Leader Editor- 2 votes for Mimi1239 (which is me) 1 vote for KataraFan and 1 vote for Flynalover. So I guess I won for leader :D. But congrats to Flynalover and KataraFan for being nominated!
  • Most Dedicated Editor- 3 votes for Seddie4Eva and 1 vote for Flynalover. Seddie4eva is the winner for Most Dedicated Leader! Congratulations Seddie4Eva!
  • Most Friendly Editor- 5 votes for FlynAndChakeLover and 1 vote for Prettybaby. FlynaAndChakeLover is the winner for Most Friendly Editor! I'm so happy for you! :D
  • Silliest Editor- 2 vote for Prettybaby, 1 vote for Flynalover and 1 vote for Cylover :D. Silliest Editor= Prettybaby! Congrats! :D
  • Wise Editor- 2 votes for Mimi1239 (myself) 1 vote for Flynalover and 1 vote for Seddie4Eva. Winner for Wise Editor I guess is me :) Thanks everybody who voted for me!
  • Hardest Worker- ....... Wow, this is actually pretty suprising. I never thought this would ever happen. 1 vote for Seddie4Eva, 1 vote for KataraFan, 1 vote for Fashiongal, and 1 vote for Mimi1239 (myself). I guess it's a tie! Congratulation to all of us! Unless you guys want to break the tie by voting for who you think is the Hardest Worker. I don't know if you guys want to do that. If you want, just leave a comment if you want to and I'll count up the votes for the Hardest Worker and post in here to see who won the tie breaker! Just let me know. And if you don't you can just tell me that you don't, it's okay with me :D
  • Best Admin- 5 votes for Mimi1239 (myself) and 1 vote for Flynalover :D Thanks again for voting for me! And congratulations to Flynalover! For being notminated! You guys are the best!
  • Best B-Crat- 4 votes for KataraFan! Yay! Congrats! So happy for you! :D
  • Best Editor- Deja vu (seen this before lol) ....... 1 vote for Seddie4Eva, 1 vote for Prettybaby, and 1 vote for Mimi1239 (myself). I guess it's a tie again! Unless toy guys want to do the same thing as for Hardest Worker. A tie breaker if you want to ;D
  • Best User- 1 vote for Livetosinger, and 1 vote for Prettybaby! Want a tie breaker? Vote if you do!
  • Best Chat Mod- 3 votes for Cylover, 1 vote for FlynaAndChakeLover, and 1 vote for Fashiongal! Congrats Cylover! Best Chat Mod!
  • Funniest- 3 votes for Prettybaby and 1 vote for Flynalover! Congrats again Prettybaby! :D
  • Loudest- 2 votes for Cylover, 2 votes for Flynalover, and 1 vote for Ilona:). Tie breaker once again! Tell me what you think! :)
  • Shyest- 3 votes for Dylan, 1 vote for IIona:), 1 vote for Livetosonger and 1 vote for Austin&Allyfan:). Congrats Dylan! :D
  • Best Commenter- 4 vote for Cylover, 1 vote for Caisley4Eva, 1 vote for FlynaAndChakeLover. Congrats Cylover! :D
  • Best Profile Picture- 3 vote for FlynaAndChakeLover, 1 vote for Caisley4Eva, 1 vote for Prettybaby. Congratulations to FlynaAndChakeLover! Happy for you! :D
  • Neatest Profile- 2 vote for Flynalover, 1 vote for Cylover, and 1 vote for Livetosinger! Congratulation to Flynalover! Yay! :D
  • Best Flyna Lover- 4 votes for FlynaAndChakeLover and 2 votes for Flynalover! Congratulations for winning Best Flyna Lover FlynaAndChakeLover! :D
  • Best Folive Lover- ...... Another tie! 2 votes for Folivelover and 2 votes for Foliveforever! Tie Breaker!
  • Best Jierra Lover- 3 votes for Folivelover and 1 vote for Foliveforever! Congrats Folivelover! :D
  • Best Chake Lover- 2 vote for ChakeAndZentonLover, 2 vote for FlynaAndChakeLover. Another tie breaker!
  • Best Choletcher Lover- I think everybody loves Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher, and people voted for everybody for this award. So everybody wins for Best Choletcher Lover!

And last but not least.....

  • Best A.N.T. Farm Lover- .................................... Wait, I think everybody won this award. For joing this wiki! Everybody is a winner! :D Congratulation to everybody!!!!! :D

I'm personally going to thank everybody that won each award. If you liked this award blog, then we could have one for every month if you like!? I can't belive I got this much comments for the first A.N.T. Farm awards!

And remember if you guys still want to have a tie breaker for.....

  • Hardest Worker
  • Best Editor
  • Best User
  • Loudest
  • Best Folive Lover
  • Best Chake Lover

Then you can post your comment saying that you want to, or to keep it like that :D


"I want to nominate (user you want to nominate) for this category (type in the category) for the tie breaker"

It's important to put down that you are nominating this person for the tie breaker, so that when I count the votes, I will know :D

I'll give you a week for you to vote for the tie breaker.


  • It will be announced on Sunday, March 18, 2012! Start voting!

Okay, so the announcement was suppose to go out yesterday, but I forgot. I had a lot of things going on especially now since school started for me. Anyway, lets get to the winners! (Hopefully there aren't anymore ties :P)

  • Hardest Worker- 2 votes for Mimi1239 (myself) 1 vote for Seddie4eva, and 1 vote for FashionGal! Wow, thanks for voting for me guys! You guys are the best! :D
  • Best Editor- 2 votes for Prettybaby! 1 vote for Seddie4eva, and 1 vote for Mimi1239 (myself) Congrats Prettybaby! :D
  • Best User- 2 votes for Prettybaby, and 1 vote for Livetosinger! Again congratulations Prettybaby! :D
  • Loudest- 2 votes for Flynalover and 1 vote for Cylover! Congrats Flynalover! :D
  • Best Folive Lover- 3 votes for Folivelover and 1 vote for Foliveforever! :D Congratulations Folivelover!
  • Last but not least Best Chake Lover-..... Congrats FlynaAndChakeLover! 3 votes for FlynaAndChakeLover and 1 vote for Chake And Zenton Lover! :D

Well that's it for now!

I hope we get to do more blog awards because I really enjoyed this one!

Very Important Note: One of the other Admins (Zannabanna), well he left me a message on my talk page saying that he liked my Award Blog, and he wants to make an Official Wiki Award Show in the summer! We will have announcements on the home page and everything! We are thinking of posting it on May 1st and it will end on May 31st! What do you guys think?

Congratulations to everybody who participated and I'm so happy that all of you liked it just as much as I did! :D Bye! :D Happy Editing!

Love: Mimi1239

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