Hey guys, this is a very important and serious blog. So you all know we have spammers on this wiki? I'm I right? I've seen a lot of that, especially on The Happy Fuzzy Friends page. And I'm not happy about that. But don't worry to check it because I've deleted all the spams.

I've also noticed how a lot of you reply to the spammers asking them why they are doing this. I suggest we don't talk to them alright? You can message one of the Admin's on this wiki like myself, so we can stop this nonsense.

We can delete the comments and block them so you won't have to worry about it.

The spammers just want your attention, and just by you replying to them, you are giving them that attention. Don't do that! They will keep going on and on and on forever because of that attention you are giving them. Even if you are telling them to stop, because it's ticking you off, they will still do it because that's what they want, to tick you off.

If you are an Admin, then block them! And if you are not, then tell an Admin.

Don't you just hate it when they do that? Because I always have. Together we can stopping this spamming nonsense and we can have a better and peaceful community on this wiki! :D

And as for you spammers, you won't be doing any of your weird and rude comments any longer. Just watch it and stop.

If you agree with this blog, comment and say "Yes!" So at least I know you all agree with me. And if you do, I hope you keep your promise and tell an Admin about it

If you want to leave me a message on my talk page about anything else, feel free to do so :D

Just remember two things:

  • Don't reply to spammers and
  • We CAN make a difference!

Happy editing! :D

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