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"Music is Awesome!" Prodigious Parks: 1st Edition

Welcome to my debut blog as CHYNA PARKS about all the things going on with me as a musician and    also about everything within the music industry.

This week, it's all about recent happenings!

I got my new ANTpad 2 which is really cool! (I made Gibson sleep again XD!)

Despite the awesome experience I had with Trifecta, I decided to stay since I am greatful to have Olive, Fletcher, the rest of the ANTs and my family since they are all very very poo! Thanks guys for being awesome! ;D

We had a new principal apparently... MY GRANDMA! She apparently wanted to spend more time with us which to me seemed ridiculous! But in the end, me and Grammy made up as I apologized to her! Although having Skidmore back was a relief despite her being a strict principal before! But still, Grammy is the best! :D

Some news also points to yup! Destiny's Child is reuniting! It's Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams as they are now back in the spotlight of music since their eight-year long breakup. They are to release new music including a new track called "Nuclear", which I'm pretty excited about on listening to (Hopefully, I can get some inspiration from their music in the future :D)

Well how about hacking music! James Marks and James McCormick were sentenced to one hundred hours of community service after hacking into 8,000 files worth of unreleased music from Sony Music entertainment, mostly from Michael Jackson! Good thing they were found guilty, but why would they do that for unreleased music (although I would love to hear these tracks :)

Here is my question for you guys!

What is your favorite musical time period?

The poll was created at 04:56 on January 12, 2013, and so far 8 people voted.

Vote for this blog if you want more and well...Bye! (Dynamite! XD) - Chyna Parks

"Brain Power!" Interesting Factoids with Olive Doyle: 1st Edition

Greetings, I'm Olive Doyle and it's time for some interesting factoids! I love those!

Well after the experience of retiring and being old I realized that Lexi was slow on actions, Grammy Parks beat me in Bingo and well... I'm not old! But Anyway time for some brain power as it goes through my brain and through my neurons causing the reactions of me typing this sentence. Have you ever thought of being alive without a brain? Sure it sounds ridiculous... but there are some candidates to see this type of phenomena in reality. Nerve impulses can clock in at 250 mph! In quick situations like touching a hot stove, these nerve impulses are not fast enough to reach the brain, so instead the impulses return from other parts of the body like the Spinal Cord. Your heart beating is also not caused by the brain. Decapitation is another thing with famous examples like Mike the Headless Chicken in 1945 in which Lloyd Olsen, a farmer cut the chicken's his head off and he did not die! For 18 months, Mike lived a healthy life without a head! But his brain stem was left though so its technically with a brain. So in the end, living without a brain is impossible since it controls all your daily thoughts and actions.

Another subject to touch on is the continents! Exactly how many continents are there? 7 right! Well it all depends on different viewpoints from different cultures. Europe and Asia are continents despite not being seperated by oceans because Asia and Europe are so different from each other culturally that it is best to keep them seperate. Some places on Earth call both as one continent called Eurasia. What about North and South America! They were both connected together via Panama until Crazy Teddy Roosevelt decided to cut that country in half with the Panama Canal. So really, (by South America) These continents are now called America. What about the Seuz Canal in Africa. Well this leads to the huge Afro-Eurasian Continent, home to 2/3rds of the world's population! Other factors play like the debated actual size of a defined continent like Australia (or is it just an island) The debate of continents is still open to this days! I'm still sticking to 7 continents though!

Thanks For Reading! Voting for this blog would be appreciated!

- Olive Doyle

"Karate Sucks For Me!" Print & Paint: 1st Edition

Hello, it's well... Fletcher in my first blog! All of my body is now sore thanks to me trying out Karate! I can't even move my face so typing would be the best option. This is also good since I can make a blog without sharing the blog space with Olive! Pretty much everyone laughed at me! I tried Karate again with Violet this time, but instead of teaching she just starred at me creepily. This blog is all about photos so... Let's GO!

Thanks for enjoying those Photos!

- Fletcher Quimby

"Technology welcomes you!" A.N.T. Tech!: 1st Edition

So here it is... It's Angus! Quick shoutout to OLIVE! Xoxoxoxox! Today I need to cover CES 2013. It is also known as the Consumer Electronic Show where Companies like Samsung, LG, HTC and others gather in Las Vegas to release of show concepts of incoming products in 2013 like 4k (4 times the resolution of Full HD) screen to some new high-end technologies like flexible screens and touch based phone cases! But do you know what really interests me! GAMES! So some games can be called to order...

  1. Scribblenauts Unlimited /Remix : This game let's you play as Maxwell as he uses the power of his handy notebook that can summon almost anything of the imagination. Unlimited is for the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and PC in which a much broader map with problem solving levels, the use of many more nouns and an intriguing storyline! Remix is for the iPhone and iPad and it concerns on just problem solving levels. Remix is 99 cents while Unlimited can stack up to 30 bucks!
  2. Powder Game 1 and 2 : These free games simulate different elements and substances and is run by Java software. The simulations can in turn create custom levels or just have fun with. 1 is pressure based while 2 is liquid based.

I just love games and the internet so... BYE!

- Angus Chestnut

"49ers FTW!" The Sport Short's Profile: 1st Edition

What's up it's Violet! and Shoutout for FLETCHIE!!! Xoxoxoxox!
Here is what I'm excited about regarding sports! San Fransisco 49ers will take on the Green Bay Packers! I want the 49ers to win! if they don't win... SOMEONE will get hurt! The game starts at 5:00pm in which I will literally people of their chairs and find a seat to WATCH THE GAME! (JK) I wish Fletchie came with me... Right Fletchie!
That's all I have to say. Please vote for me if you want more!
- Violet

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Which blog spot would you perfer to see more of?

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ManMan! says: Nice blogs guys!

TrifectaFan:D replies with: Thanks Cameron! :)
BrainyBlonde67 replies with: Thank you!
AquaArtz11 replies with: And that's a wrap!
LEXTRAORDINARY<3 replies with: This is stupid! Shut up!

MeatTechFTW says: You liked my shoutout Olive?!

BrainyBlonde67 replies with: *sighs*

ShortSportViolence says: What about me Fletchie...?

AquaArtz11 replies with: Uhhh right...! Uh...

Anonymous says: It's your Grammy!

TrifectaFan:D replies with: NOOOOOOO!!!!!

ManMan! replies with: NOOOOO!!!!
BrainyBlonde67 replies with: I can be old again! Call me the "Old ODD ANT!"

MeatTechFTW replies with: Can I instead call you baby boo boo?! <3

AquaArtz11 replies with: Does that mean more Karate! :(
ShortSportViolence replies with: I can teach you! ;D

THANKS! See you in the next one! ;D

Sciencejam555 (talk)

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