Violet and Chyna Parks



Start of relationship

Ballet DANTser

Ship Rivals

Cholive, Flyna, Fiolet,Vlexi and Volive

Violyna (Viol/et and Ch/yna) is the friendship pairing of Chyna Parks and Violet. The rival ships are Cholive (Ch/yna and Olive), Fiolet (F/letcher and V/iolet), Flyna (Fl/etcher and Ch/yna), and Volive(V/iolet and Olive).

Additional Names for the Pairing

  • Violyna (Viol/et and Ch/yna)
  • Vyna (V/iolet and Ch/yna)
  • Chiolet (Ch/yna and V/iolet)

Violyna Moments

Season 1

Ballet DANTser

  • Chyna was the only one to try to go and calm Violet down before the ballet recital.
  • Violet told Chyna that she had a crush on Fletcher.
  • Chyna told Violet that Fletcher likes (loves) her.
  • Violet twisted Chyna's flute into a triangle.
  • Violet told Chyna that she hates the flute.

Season 2

FANTasy Girl

  • In Chyna's song Chyna says you dont need a boyfriend to be happy but then Violet says she does and grabs Fletcher by the arm.
  • She said she liked the message of Chyna's song.

MutANT Farm 2

  • Chyna felt bad that Olive was treating Violet poorly.

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