Violet and Olive

Olive Doyle and Violet



Start of relationship

Ballet DANTser

Ship Rivals

Cholive, Folive, Fiolet, and Violyna

Volive ( V/iolet and Olive) is the friendship pairing of Olive Doyle and Violet. The rival ships are Cholive (Ch/yna and Olive), Fiolet (F/letcher and V/iolet) and Folive (F/letcher and Olive).

Additional Names for the Pairing

  • Volive (V/iolet and Olive)
  • Oilet (O/live and V/iolet)
  • Viliove (Vi/olet and O/live)
  • Oliet (Ol/ive and V/i/ol/et)
  • Violive (Vi/olet and Olive)
  • Olivet (Olive and Viole/t)

Volive Moments

Season 1 Moments

Ballet DANTser

  • Olive warns Violet not to go to the big kids table because she obviously cares.

    Episode Ballet DANTser

  • Olive seems afraid and nervous when she speaks to Violet.
  • Olive asks Violet to help her with a crossword puzzle.
  • Violet response calmly when Olive talks to her.
  • Violet looks hurt when she thinks Olive called her stupid.
  • Olive runs away from Violet.
  • Olive told where Fletcher was so Violet wouldn't get her knife shoes.

Season 2 Moments



  • They are mostly together throughout the episode.
  • They where both singing together.

MutANT Farm 2

  • Violet worked for Olive.
  • Olive didn't treat Violet very nicely.

Volive Gallery

To view the Volive gallery, click here.

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