Webster High School is a high school located in San Fransico where Chyna and all other students attend on A.N.T. Farm. In Season 3, the Webster High School set will no longer be used when the students go to Z-Tech Prodigy School.

Known Students

(In alphabetical order)

Known Staff

Known Clubs/Extra Curriculars

  • Cheerleading Squad
  • Photography Club
  • Chess Club
  • Club Sandwich Club
  • Drama Club
  • End Hunger Today Club
  • Physics Club
  • Renaissance Club
  • Space Club (poster is seen in background in TransplANTed)
  • Film Club
  • The Howler
  • Yearbook
  • Student Council
  • Glee Club
  • Chemistry Class
  • Debates Club
  • French Club
  • Distraction Club
  • Convenient Excuse Club
  • A.N.T. Program

Mentioned Classes

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