— Winter
Winter Maddox
Full Name

Winter Maddox




Z-Tech's Vice President of Acquisitions
Den Mother of Z-Tech Prodigy School

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Last Episode

"finANTial crisis"

Portrayed By

Zibby Allen

Winter Maddox is Zoltan Grundy's Vice President of Acquisitions. She was assigned the job of "Den Mother" of the ANTs, even though she hates children.


Winter is a professional business woman who is a Vice President of Acquistions. She is shown to be arrogant, self serving and a major suck up to her boss. She is also strict, mean, vain and selfish. Winter is extremely intelligent, and can use her superiority to manipulate others effortlessly. She dislikes children and teenagers, and is completely uncaring towards them, even though she was assigned the job of Den Mother. Her catchphrase is "What?" normally stated on occasions when people tell her something she didn't see coming or believe.


In IndependANTs Winter is trying to close a deal but Zoltan is too busy trying to make the Z-Phone more teen friendly. When Zoltan realizes that the ANT's need to be watched for, he assigns her the job of "Den Mother", while still being the Vice President of Acquisitions.

In Animal husbANTry Winter works with Paisley to create the Z-Phone very simple. Winter ends up incorporating all of Paisley's ideas into a dumb phone, which she tries to take no credit for, until she finds out that Paisley's ideas are going to make lots of money.

In Product misplacemANT Winter is very strict and doesn't allow the kids to go anywhere at night, even though the kids sneak past her. She tried to punish them, she couldn't then she has to see them everyday and they get away with anything. She also gets tricked by the kids into flying to Japan.

In Uncanny resemblANTs Winter pretends to be Madam Goo Goo since she disappeared and she looks a lot like her. Chyna begs Winter to perform, and Winter actually ends up liking the idea, which causes a fight with the real Madam Goo Goo.


  • She is portrayed by Zibby Allen, who also plays Madam Goo Goo in CANTonese style cuisine and Uncanny resemblANTs. She actually plays both characters in Uncanny resemblANTs.
  • She replaces Susan Skidmore, another mean character who has position of authority.
  • Unlike Susan Skidmore, Zoltan overules her decisions and even she tried to punish the kids. But failed to do, since they overrule by Zoltan.
  • She is the minor antagonist on the show