"Wolves Attack"
Song by China Anne McClain
Venue: Webster High School
Genre(s): Peppy
Length: 0:10
A.N.T. Farm chronology
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Next: "Candy Town"
Ant Farm Chyna Cheerleader Audition Scene HD00:33

Ant Farm Chyna Cheerleader Audition Scene HD

Wolves Attack is the name of the short cheer that Chyna Parks wrote and performed for Lexi Reed and Paisley Houndstooth to join the Webster High Wolves Cheerleading Team in the episode ParticipANTs. Unfortunately, her shoe flew off her foot while she was performing the cheer and hit Paisley in the face, but she still got on the team as Lexi's attempt to keep her from getting the lead in the school play. This song is the shortest ever on the show.


Shake it to the left, shake it to the right

Stand up, wolves, and fight, fight, fight! 

Push em' back, push em' back,

Wolves... Attack!

*shoe flies off foot and hits Paisley in the face*

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