Z-Tech Prodigy School is a boarding school made just for child prodigies (A.N.T.s). It is owned by Z-Tech. This building has the world's first roomavator, which is a room that acts as an elevator. The building is very big and very modern, with many rooms for a lot of needs (spa, classrooms, music room, etc). Even though they are at a school, the kids are never seen actually learning or doing school related activities. Season 3 rarely shows the ANTs outside of Z-Tech.

Known students

Former students


  • Paisley Houndstooth employee at Z tech. She is the head of Z-Tech's Animal Product's Division.
  • Winter Maddox employee at Z tech. She is the den mother and vice president of Acquisitions.


  • Z-Phones are also mentioned in another Disney Channel Show, Liv & Maddie.


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