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The ZPhone is a smartphone developed and marketed by Z-Tech.


  • Original ZPhone (20??-2012)
  • Zphone 2 (2012-2013)
  • ZPhone 3 (2013-current)
  • ZooPhone (2013-current). A variant of the ZPhone made for animals. It includes legs, a back scratcher, and tastes like peanut butter


  • The ZPhone is a parody of the iPhone.
  • The ZPhone looks an exact replica of the GalaxyS series.
  • This is the 400th article on this wiki, and was written by Jtsfan13.
  • in the episode finANTial crisis chiyna reads on Q-cards that the ZPhone five is out.
  • The ZPhone first appeared in Hanna Montana episode "Dont stop until you get the phone"

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